One Paper Down, One To Go AKA Happy Friday


Hello blog readers/viewers/spammers!

Yesterday I humbled myself and went to the writing lab for help with my paper. The girl who helped me was really nice and she could see the method to my madness. So after meeting with her I went to make the changes needed to my paper. One thing that was really cool, is that there were tons of quotes about writing in that room.

I was able to finish my paper(I started to lose some steam at the end,so I am sure I could have done better on my conclusion). I also made another appointment to meet with the writing center on Monday before I turn in my empirical analysis. I am so excited about that. The cool thing is, I get to use the lit review I turned in yesterday and just add my analysis to it which is awesome in so many ways. I am going to work on it today(as of right now I just keep looking at it). I am so thankful that I have output to write about.

I went to a work luncheon today which was great after the five miles I ran this morning. The December run challenge that I am apart of calls for 100 miles in December or atleast one mile a day for the month. I am shooting for four to five miles a day if possible. The weather was great today. For some reason I woke up at 5am hopped on Facebook and went back to sleep. So when I woke up again I didn’t have as much time left to get ready after my run. But everything worked out.

Also, I always get excited for the weekend. I think that has been the case since I was a kid. It is something about being able to sleep in if I want to(even though my body rarely lets me). Its just a freeing time. I also plan on cleaning up my place and going to the library to check out books to read over the break(all of the books that I drooled over and didn’t have a chance to read).

Have a wonderful day!




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