What A Day


This morning I woke up at a decent time and went for a run. I felt really good. So, I guess I am back into the swing of things. Then I had this bright idea that I would qualify for the Half Fanatics this year but um the only way that would happen is if I could travel for races(they have weird time frames for races). So lets just say its on the list lol. I think my running goal for this year will just be to run more races period. I think once you start chasing a PR, you want to race all of the time so that you can beat it. I also think that’s probably why people join the Half Fanatics because they love race bling and they are chasing times.

My lit review is due tonight at 11:59. I am so excited and nervous at the same time. I think I did a good job of bringing it together but now I am just trying to organize it. I found a few books to add to it too. So there’s that. I made an amazing smoothie this morning(and used up the rest of my almond milk in the process). It has cherries, berries, natural peanut butter, a granny smith apple, and of course almond milk. It tastes great. I am really proud of myself because usually I don’t blend my smoothies long enough lol.

Last night I saw a friend who told me it looked like I had lost weight. I shrugged it off and laughed. Then this morning, I checked the scale and yep, she was right. So yay! Now, if I can just keep it off. Its always nice when friends give you compliments.

Well, I better get back to this paper. Because it won’t write itself lol.




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  1. I love this post partly because I relate to your sentiments, which probably sound like madness to non-runners. The idea of racing just to beat a PR, for instance, and running more races to make that happen? Why would anyone choose to do such a thing? hahaha

    Anyways, good luck on your races. I have high hopes of running the San Francisco marathon this summer.


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