Oh Happy Day


Today is a good day to finish up a semester. Today is my last class session of the semester. I thankfully got that assignment done yesterday. Now I am just finishing up my papers. I also got my code to work yesterday so now I have results to actually write up.

This morning, someone trolled me on Twitter and at first it was funny, so I retweeted them, then it got a tad abusive so I continued to retweet and then I blocked them. I attempted to report them to Twitter but the report process made no sense because I couldn’t find the link to tweets that they were asking for. Oh well.

So just in case you thought Twitter abuse was a joke, it is real. I have a lot of activist friends(and just cool peeps) on Twitter who face much more abuse than I do, each and everyday. I doubt it will ever stop, as long as people continue to think that they can say or do whatever they want on the Internet.

Hope you have a great day.




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