You Don’t Have To Reach That Far


Sorry if some of my posts seem confusing. I am trying to merge my old fitness posts into this new blog. I think I have sixty more entries to go lol. It is so interesting to see what was going through my mind those many moons ago. I had a lot of time on my hands so I think that is why I was so excited about working out. I was motivated for sure. It is also ironic that I am at the same weight now that I was when I first started. So I guess that could be seen as good or bad(depending on if you have a cookie in your hand right now lol).

I want to post about how the online dating thing is going. It is so funny. I keeps my heart happy lol. I totally blocked my ex’s profile but good old okcupid still shows him in my match list. This is why you have to take matches with a grain of salt. I now see that you can be matching with even 1-10% compatibility because I guess the default is any number greater than zero or negative one lol. See I would not have known that if I wasn’t knee deep in stats right now. It is probably also ironic how I have to have long drawn out conversations with dudes about not meeting up with them because I have homework to do. I also amuse myself by asking random dudes who look like programmers if they know SAS and have to have a whole conversation about SAS because I forget that the only people who know SAS are freaking statisticians. Now I don’t think I would complain about having a few cute statisticians in my life lol.

It seems like a lot of guys awaken around midnight to one am and then I promptly fall asleep and answer a new batch of messages later in the morning. One guy was nice enough to apologize for keeping me up. I think a few of the others are trying to pull the “Hey, let’s text” line so that they can send their crappy I want to have sex right now, don’t you want to have sex right now one liners by text rather than on the site. Which is sad because it clogs up my msg inbox and I just end up deleting them anyway. I still don’t understand this phenomenon. So I spend a lot of time throwing back what they said in their profiles to what they are attempting to say to me now.

It is also making me much more comfortable with my awkward self. I now know that there is no point in trying to act like anything other than myself for someone who probably isn’t being themselves either. So, its just one more level of BS detection. I put tame(very tame) photos on my profile but dudes are still telling me how sexy I am. I wonder if they are just imagining that part. I also had a long drawn out conversation with a guy about why I wasn’t interesting in having sex and how I’m not fond of cuddling either. I am a huge fan of respect for others. If we are not in a relationship, I have no business cuddling you. If we are in a relationship, I have no business cuddling you. That’s one of the downsides of being celibate, we have to limit all kinds of contact lol. I don’t want to tempt anyone and I don’t want anyone to tempt me lol.

In the meantime I have to finish up a powerpoint about my paper. I already know what I want to say, just figuring out how to say it is the fun part. Just keep me in your prayers and lets pray for all of the singles in the world. We all need a little help and understanding from our friends.




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