Training Day 266 3/7/11


I am so tired today because my body decided to wake up at 2,3,4, and 5(hmmm). So I’m calling today a rest day. My only thought is going to be my bed. As soon as I get home, I plan to go straight to bed.
My lips still feel bad from yesterday(for some reason all of my chapstick is MIA except for one in my purse). That is a huge problem for a person who loves chapstick.
I talked to a new friend yesterday about the church hottie situation and decided that I won’t waste time trying to push anything and its his loss that he decided to put me in the friendzone 🙂
So, I’m going to move on so that I am ready when someone is interested 🙂
I have a new bus driver, so I’m zoning out to my ipod lol.
Hope you have a great day!


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