Training Day 264 3/5/11


Let’s just say I should have went grocery shopping before I went to Target or I should have gotten cash from the atm before I went to Target. I overspent at Target today(things seemed a little expensive). Plus, I was mad because the cheaper 10lb weights were MIA and the only thing they had were those funky Reebock square ones(no offense to Reebock lovers).
I also got a jump rope and Jillian’s “No More Troublezones”.
Anyway, when I get to the checkout, the cashier cannot lift my 10lb weight. I don’t notice because I am too busy looking at the things that I have to put back. So, finally she gets it with two hands. She mentions to me that she used to exercise(I guess the last time was when she was 31, she mentioned, but I didn’t think to ask her current age). Then I realize, I cannot afford a taxi, so I lug my purchases to the bus and all the way home.
Then I have to go buy stamps for my niece and nephew’s birthday cards(I bought them big cards a few weeks ago that required extra stamps). I also bought a snickers bar ๐Ÿ™‚
So after walking the three miles to the grocery store, I realize crap, I have less to work with than I normally even spend. So I find a little bit of stuff then remembering the stamps have to put back the mushrooms and tomato ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
So, let’s just say I am going to have an interesting week(lets think of it as a cleanse of sorts). I will be praying hard(and your prayers will help too).
I know you are probably thinking WOW! How could you be so short sighted? Don’t feel bad, I am asking myself the same freaking thing.
Just in case you are wondering what I did buy: 6 oranges, a bunch of bananas, a cucumber, italian dressing, creamy peanut butter, carrots, and bread. I have strawberry jam at home.
Due to the minimizing of food this week, I may reduce my Jillian workout to once a day(I will keep you posted).
Thanks for your friendship and support ๐Ÿ™‚


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