Training Day 263 3/4/11


Hey friends! I hope you all have a great weekend 🙂 Yesterday a coworker gave me a ride home so I had sunshine and I did 10 miles. This morning was day 3 of Jillian. I am in a good mood just because. I will post pics tonight. I am going to the movies this weekend(due to living across the street from a theater lol). I’m excited about going to the grocery store.
So I am taking your advice and playing it cool with church dude(his birthday is on Monday so he is planning to party all weekend). So I told him to have a good weekend. I decided that I am not going to play desperate for anyone. If someone can’t accept me for who I am(which I like to think has changed), then they don’t deserve my time or energy.
Todays stats:
Waist 29
Hips 33
Thighs 22
Chest: 31.2
The pics may look a little weird because my camera phone isn’t the best(on my wish list a nice camera).
Have a great day and keep pushing toward your dreams! Your strength shines through when you don’t give up. Don’t stop praying and hoping because God can change things in an instant.

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