Training Day 262 3/3/11


I hope you all have a great day today! I did Jillian’s 30DSL3 day one and LOVED it! It is the best of the 3 workouts. So after this, I will do my two Bob workouts(for a month each). Then I will do all three levels of Jillian(if I can’t find what I am looking for at the store). I am going to treat myself to a trip to target this weekend(I’m going to walk and take a taxi home because I am going to buy those 10lb weights and hopefully I can find a new workout dvd).
So the church dude and I have been texting every day. Its nice but I’m trying to stay cool about it.
I have to make a grocery list because this is the weekend I start my veggie journey(will let you know how it goes).
I was so excited to get in those workouts, because when my energy is zapped I don’t like to do anything but sleep.
So here’s to chasing our destiny 🙂
PS stats tomorrow am pics pm.


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