Training Day 259


I hope you all had a great weekend 🙂
Yesterday at church the resident hottie asked me for my number, called me, texted me, and took me out!! Oh yeah, he drove me home from church too. I took him to the reggae spot and he loved it! He got along great with my friends. We had super amazing conversation. He is going to let me have his P90X. Ummm what am I forgetting: oh yeah, he said that he isn’t looking for anything right now and he wants to be friends( watch as your girl’s heart goes poof in a cloud of smoke). So yeah I was giving that wine to a friend, but it got cracked open and we all shared it. So here is that age old question: Can men and women be just friends? He said we can hug LOL.
I just feel like I am always the friend. He just got out of something a few months ago so I can understand that. Have you ever met someone who you feel like totally gets you? I feel like everyone is going to be compared to him because he was an honest, real, man. Does this ever work out or am I just being delusional? Oh yeah he offered to help me move if I get the new place.
In other news, I did 10 miles yesterday, a kickboxing routine that I made up, and this morning I did 30DS(just when I thought I mastered it, I sweated like a pig so it looks like level 2 for a little longer). Did I mention we took pictures?
So if you are looking for me, I will be here in the clouds, not ready to wake from this dream yet.
Oh, I told one of my friends to join spark and one of her friends told her she got a virus from it? Weird.
Keep pushing toward your dreams. Single ladies, be patient, we will pass this test hopefully soon 🙂


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