Training Day 256 2/25/11


First, I put in for tutoring after school and on Sat. This weekend I will be pounding the pavement.
Second, I gained 1.6 pounds. I kicked butt with Bob’s cardio last night(so proud of that). I will work harder this weekend.
Third, I found out about some apts near the school that do go by income and the wait is 1-6months(told it is actually shorter). Going to check them out after work today.
Fourth, the old ex called last night and said he wanted to come over this weekend(and why hadn’t I called him). I almost fell for it, then I remembered he may be going away soon, so I told him he could write me. He thinks he is going for 3-5. He said he was told the baby doesn’t look like him. So I told him if he really wants to be sure, just contact vital records. He asked me what I had been doing and I said working, working out, and sleeping. I feel bad for him as a friend but we all have to take responsibility for our lives. Plus, with all I am going through I cannot afford any distractions. Plus, you know it would be my luck that I ended up preggo(because three years ago he used to think it was so funny that things would happen with the condom) but I would like to think I am
Well, here is to moving forward and making wise decisions 🙂
Pics later
Waist: 29
Hips: 33
Arm: 13
Chest: 29.5
Thigh: 22


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