Training Day 254 2/23/11


I spoke to a friend  last night and she said it seems like I never take good advice. I told her that I would be applying for jobs this week. She said that I can’t wait for people to do things for me. Of course I agreed. I just hope to get out of this rut.
I feel like I have made a lot of bad choices this year(the only good one has been focusing on my health).
A friend told me that I can’t forget that God is always with us. So I will try and focus on that today.
Work was long and gross yesterday. The guy who stood me up said that he was having babymama drama and I told him don’t worry about it(plus I had already deleted him out of my phone).
I’m upset about Planned Parenthood losing funding(even though they did not help me this month).So now I’m freaked out because of my view on what happens if a woman gets pregnant due to a rape. Plus, I don’t think there is anything wrong with birth control. So my older friend(who thinks the purpose of Planned Parenthood was to kill all minority babies-i need to research that), said that we just have to abstain.
Well, my two friends were not pregnant(just sick).
Hope you all have a good day! Stay strong and be blessed 🙂


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