Training Day 244 2/13/11


Yesterday I walked 13 miles and I ran 1(long story). A good friend took me to the movies and then invited me to dinner with his fam(P.F. Chang). The movie was pretty awesome(I am still thinking about some parts of it).
Dinner was great, I ordered the Dan Dan noodles(I didn’t even eat half and got the rest to go, would you believe the rest of my plate filled two to go containers, so now I have dinner for today and lunch for tomorrow). My fortune said “Endurance and persistance will be rewarded”. I am a fortune cookie freak, and my friend’s sister said your fortune won’t come true if you don’t eat a piece of the cookie( I ate one small triangle of it, I have never eaten the actual cookie before, not a fan of sugar cookies). So that was interesting.
I am doing laundry at the moment(stuff is in the dryer already). Happy for remembering to bring bleach lol. I have a six mile run today. I will be vegging out looking at the grammy’s later.
I haven’t heard from soldier boy in a few days(I hope he is in a field exercise), but I am not worried too much. If it is meant to be, it will be. No one can say that I didn’t do my part. So, I will keep on keeping on.
The other night a guy called me and said “I am going to be like you on Sunday, I am going to focus on my exercise and diet and stop drinking”. I said “Why wait until Sunday?”. That was a weird convo, that ended with him saying call him anytime(umm when I was stuck on him last spring, I called him all the time and he never called me back), so unfortunately I have no reason to spend my time calling him(when he says he is talking to someone) and I think I am preferring when a guy calls me 🙂
Oh yeah my big snafu yesterday, I am a huge birth control pill fan(My period is like death to me), so I have taken them for the last 9-12 months straight. Well, no one was able to take me to the clinic this past week and then we had that snow day. So I called a clinic and explained that the clinic closest to me was closed on Sat and if I could stop by they said yes(on Friday 1:30PM). Do you know on Sat when I took the bus all the way over there(and ran a mile to get there before it closed), they told me no!! I was so angry! Well, family to the rescue, is going to mail me a supply 🙂
So I am trying to outsmart my body with exercise and caloric intake(like I had a day when I felt ovu, and I had a day when I felt cramping). So, here we go lol
My friend read my people magazine that talked about spark(when I was getting ready) and in the car I told him about spark and he said he had read about it! Yay! I hope he joins in on the fun 🙂
I love you guys so much!


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