Training Day 240 2/9/11


I was able to do Jillian level one last night without a drop of sweat. So tonight I’m going to start level 2. Old dude called me yesterday before work and last night. I think he is starting to realize we don’t have much to talk about. An old flirting buddy called me last night and said he wants to see me this summer. Of course I was flattered. Not trying to get my hopes up with him just yet. Have to see what he ends up doing in the meantime. I figure the least that would happen is dinner. He is in training a state away. So I guess that is why he called. We first started talking last spring and I think things went a little faster than he figured. I like talking to him, but I am going to let him set the pace. It is nice to have someone put a smile on my face though. Then I realized I should look different by summer so he may not know what hit him lol.
We went to church together in high school.
Ok let me stop babbling lol
Go for your dreams and don’t listen to the naysayers 🙂
Sorry this post was guy heavy but the brain is not being occupied by much at the moment haha.


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