Training Day 239 2/8/11


I worked out last night after work and I believe it made me sleep better! I know some of you are saying duh lol. I had some craziness yesterday. I am going to try and rise above it. God will work it out.
A guy gave me his friend’s number and the friend has no car! So I decide I will see what he is about. Umm why did the 35 year old friend say that he wants to be a rapper? NEXT lol
Then the old ex called me last night to say that the girl he has been on and off with for the past seven years is due this week but has disappeared because he thinks she doesn’t want him to know that the baby isn’t his(it might be but the past three years it has not been). Well guess what?! I did not nag or lecture him šŸ™‚ Yay! He said that he was proud of me for being a good person? I let him know that I don’t have a car(so he doesn’t get any ideas lol).
So, I am going to keep praying and breathing. I probably need a lot of prayer so that I don’t get on that slow train to losertown. I just pictured me being preggo right now, not a good look. So I hope to stay on track to be ready when I do meet a guy with some substance.
Peace and Love X0X0


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