Training Day 229


Hope you are all having a great weekend so far.
Stats for the week:
Upper arm: 13
I have been walking like a mad person due to the new job and being without a car lol

In other news, I managed to take the bus to target to get a new set of weights(I wanted the 8 lb and the 10lb) but ONE ten lb was $12 and one 8 was $9 so I got two of the 8’s. I thought it would be weird to have one 8lb and one 10lb weight.
I think its a good start(the only other weights I have are a set of 5lb) but I believe I have some smaller ones in storage.

I paid part of my rent hallelujah! I asked if I had to still be charged for cable since I don’t currently have a tv at my place and the office lady said yes she thought so. Then she said that she was getting a new tv and she would give me one LOL! I said thanks.

I found a church within walking distance that I will check out tomorrow(I know angels are singing lol). I went to the grocery store today whoo hoo! So far today I have walked eight miles(with weight).

Thanks for all of your encouragement and support during the week(it really means a lot).


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