Training Day 213 1/14/11


Hey sparkfriends! Last night a good friend took me out to the Hard Rock cafe for dinner(I had never been there before). I ordered the Twisted Mac, Chicken, and Cheese with spinach and tomatoes added by request, one lemonade, a side cesaer salad, and one scoop of ice cream. Of course, they did not have any nutritional info anywhere(I will not be doing that again any time soon) but luckily some added it to sparkpeople 🙂
So here is the run down:
Weight 160(up .8)
Waist 30.5(down 1 in)
Thigh 22(same)
Hips 34(down 2 in)
Upper Arm 13(down 1 in)
Chest 34(down 2 in)
here are some pics(I remembered that I haven’t owned a two piece since I was 9).

So, here’s to a better week! I’m not too mad at myself because I haven’t had a treat in a few weeks but I am upset that I really didn’t have the opportunity to make an informed choice. So here’s to learning a lesson.

Thanks for being my spark friends 🙂 I am going to put up a fitness motivation blog(with pics) today too.

In other news, I still did not receive my check from last week’s work for my night job so I am calling the labor board. I will let you know how it goes.

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