Training Day 209 1/10/11


I just realized I am super hyper in the morning now(and I can’t blame it on the special K bar because I did not eat one this morning). Yesterday when I was out running, I saw two other runners(they said hi to me and I said hi back).
Yesterday I went to church with my friend(which was much needed) but we were in church for SIX hours! Then when she dropped me off, she said “Oh, I would invite you to dinner but I haven’t cooked anything yet”. That was a bummer because I was SUPER hungry(there is something about getting your body used to reduced calories, when you need to eat, your body will let you know that you need to eat). One thing I figured out, I like whole grain tortillas warmed better than cold(I think they taste different).
Here’s what I forgot to do this morning: I forgot to bring my phone charger, I forgot to take my multi, and I think I forgot to turn off the heat. For some reason it is really cold outside, so I am justifying leaving the heat on as a treat for when I get home tonight lol.
What I am excited about: well, as you all know since I work two jobs, I plan on saving some money. Well, I am going to use the saved money for certifications and race entries 🙂
Ok, I want to get certified to be a personal trainer(a friend of mine did ISSA -I have to look up the prices, if you know of any really good programs let me know). I also want to get certified to be a yoga teacher(that will be a few thousand-so that is more of a long term goal).
Also, I am going to add to my teacher certifications(health, pe, middle school english, and high school social studies, because I am already special ed certified, so having a few subject areas will really help get my foot in the door). This way I can take two tests in April and two in two in June(one in the morning and one in the afternoon). Last but definitely not least, there is a national hospitality and nutrition area that qualifies for teacher certification too(this test has a wider testing window).
I still don’t have any races in particular that I want to do(I guess we can venture to say that San Antonio is a given lol, but I will let you know). I did get an email about a marathon in Italy with The Penguin(that would probably be a dream come true), that is supposed to kick off in Sept.
So if you are wondering why I am doing all of this at once, its because I feel like I have to seize the moment! Well, another reason why is because I am SUPER single(not even any pets), so I feel like I have to keep myself busy so that I don’t focus on the loneliness. Also, it will be motivation for getting into one nice job(so I don’t have to juggle two unless I choose to). Plus, I will have the funds to do it.
As far as time goes(I believe I only need a few months to study up, I actually like learning and studying, I just wish the prices for the exams didn’t go up so much, I took my last exam in 2008 and it was $82, this year each exam is $120, and the HNFS exam is $150.
So those are my plans for this year(look out world). As you and I both know, I am not living up to my full potential at the moment(just surviving). So with God’s help, I will be able to make it 🙂
My ultimate goal would be to teach children(or adults) about health and wellness either in a school or community/non profit setting.
Well, I am off to scoure the internet for good training and yoga programs 🙂
Hopefully I can narrow down my choices(like one or two).
Have a wonderful and blessed day!
Remember, God woke you up for a reason 🙂


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