According To Pew, I’m A Skeptic


So last week I decided to stick my toes back into online dating. I was encouraged by a friend who decided to boldly make the leap(and is doing quite well). So, I shortened my profiles. I’m trying not to have any expectations about the whole matter. Immediately, my profiles were flooded with views. Then the messages started to creep in. It got a tad creepy, so I put a disclaimer at the bottom of two of my profiles that said *I’m not interested in casual sex*. Well, can I tell you that a few guys lectured me about not wanting to have casual sex! Then a few guys messaged me just to find out if I was a real person.

Like I said, I was only dipping my toes in. So when guys pressured me for hours about dates, I had to let one know that I was too broke to go to coffee(even though I had told him four or so hours before that I wasn’t who he was looking for). Now, I do understand that some people would say that broke people shouldn’t online date but in my defense, my real friends love me in spite of the state of my wallet lol.

Here’s the deal, I can make the choice not to have casual sex. It doesn’t mean I am an alien. It just means I care about monogamy and sexual health. That’s really all it means. But you know what, it didn’t make guys stop messaging me. In fact, I think most never read my profile, so they continue to proposition me(even in the morning). So, I just brush it off and keep going. The sad part is having guys who call themselves Christians message me with interest in sex. That’s really disheartening. But as a friend said, we are all at different points in our faith journey.

I took a Pew Research quiz about online dating and it rated me as a skeptic. I thought that was interesting. I’m not against online dating, its just difficult when I really haven’t had much success with it. All of my online exes are still on the same sites. Which I promptly blocked. Just for solidarity purposes. I don’t want them to get the wrong idea and think I’m looking for a do over(again).

I am an optimist about love, romance, and all things relationship related even though I am not very good at it. I told a friend that I still want to have a happily ever after. She mentioned that I had a nice wedding, it just wasn’t to the right person. Touche’. It is funny to have to tell people that I am working on homework when they ask me what I am doing. The right person will totally understand the peculiarities of my life(the same way I will understand theirs).

So this is like round 500,000 for me and online dating. I am going to attempt to stay optimistic and see how long I can actually keep my profiles up. One guy asked me for a picture(because we all know what that means) and I sent him a funny cat pic. If you can’t laugh about the oddities of life, what kind of life are you living?

In other news, I am working on a powerpoint about one of my papers and still stuck figuring out the by statements in my merged code. Aka just a regular day in my world. Yesterday I went to lunch and a movie with a good friend so I didn’t have a lot of time at the library. The movie was great.  So, if you are looking for something new to watch this week, go check out Beyond The Lights. We missed the beginning but the rest of what we did see was great.




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