When Someone You Admire Passes


I think about death a lot. I usually think of it in a magical way(like we don’t feel anything and that we are immediately with God and the angels). So when I think about people that I know or remember or look up to and find out that they have passed, not only am I sad but I try to think of how I can live my life better. How can I be more like them. Usually they are exceptional human beings, just all around great people that you wouldn’t say a cross word about.

I grew up watching The Real World, its just a part of me. So in extension most of the cast members hold a spot in my memory bank. Today I learned that the beautiful and talented Diem Brown passed away from an ongoing battle with cancer. Diem was a beautiful person inside and out and she lived a beautiful, joy filled life. I hate cancer and how it destroys people. I have lost so many friends and family from cancer over the years it isn’t even funny. So, I hope to live my days as positively as possible, living for a greater purpose than just whatever selfish idea pops into my head.

This morning it was so cold in my apartment that I didn’t go for a run(I told myself that I would run later but if I don’t run I will definitely work out inside. I turned on the heat but weirdly enough it only blows in one direction. So I think I will go get some heavy comforters from my storage this weekend. I’m trying to save money on my electricity, so I have been bundling up but last night was a tad uncomfortable. It seems that while my apartment soaked up the sun that we had for the past few months, now that it is colder, it is absorbing the cold and there is no trace of that warmth. I’m not complaining, I just have to get my cold weather game plan together lol.

Who do you admire? How do you remember those who have passed? How do you think about death?




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