When You Can’t Give Up


So this weekend was filled with encouragement, support, and just plain old pushing through. I made some really tasty pancakes(I put oats in my mix and added peaches). I was able to clean up a little. Which helped decrease my likelihood of tripping over laundry. I was able to be supportive to a friend. I went to a few meetings.

I made an action plan for my papers and started getting to work. I narrowed down all of the methods used in the articles that I researched. I started working on my code. I’m figuring out how to correctly do the proc import. I’m pushing hard. I also realized that this is the difference between the time when I was in library science school. When I found out that I was doing poorly in a class, I dropped. I didn’t finish out the semester. So, I am hopeful because I feel like hey, I am seeing this through.

Also, none of my friends, family, or random strangers would let me whine to them too long before their eyes glazed over. So I just had to shut it down. My self-doubt did not lead me this far in my life. Self-doubt only leads to pity parties which are unproductive. That’s when I have to let the rest of me spring into action and say, yes I can do this.

So today I am filling my thoughts with affirmations and my actions with movement that gets me closer to the end goal.

What are you doing today to conquer your fears or self-doubt?




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