Goals, Goals, Goals


Yesterday I received a 2 year planner in the mail(courtesy of my wonderful sister). The planner is awesome because it is also a devotional and includes tips for stress and anxiety. I am a planner junkie. I have four in my backpack. I just love writing things down and keeping track of what I have going on.

The other day I saw a race post about writing down your races for the year and it made me wonder about the hesitation to write down goals due to not thinking that I would accomplish them. So I put the idea out on facebook and a few friends responded. Some mentioned that they were in the same boat, others mentioned that they were afraid of goals that they could accomplish(I wasn’t sure what to make of that), and others offered great tips.

One of my well respected friends mentioned a book called Getting Things Done. So I googled and found tons of tips and videos related to the system. Also, when I opened the new planner, the first item said “Your Yearly Goals”. So, I sucked it up and wrote down everything that I could think of that I want to get done this year(aka this school year). It was a treat and then after I was done I couldn’t understand why I was holding myself back. There is nothing wrong with writing things down. I even read that when people write down their goals, they are more likely to accomplish them. I wrote down goals for school, mind, body, and spirit. In between writing down goals, I attacked the pile of clothes on my bed and shocker, I got them put away. I even got a suitcase of clothes put away. Those small things are big deals to me right now because I’m usually too tired once I get home to do much of anything. I also put my workout clothes on before I went to bed(because that can be a total time waster in the mornings).

This morning I went for a run, I did some yoga, and I even made a nice smoothie. I wrote out a to do list for today last night also. Then I got on the bus and had an interaction with an ex who tried to make conversation about his latest life tragedy(not only telling me all about it but tweeting me the same info). I texted him back that I hoped his appointment went well. I’m being cordial but I hate forced interactions. Like, he asked me if I was headed to work and I said yes. Then he asked me where I worked and I said a place(aka I’m not trying to share stuff with you). So now I am just working on some assignments and feeling a little bit lighter. There are a mountain of goal setting tips online and you can try a ton of different ones until you find one that you like, just take the leap and try one at least.

So what are your yearly goals?




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