A Series Of Firsts


Today’s prompt is to tell about your first day at something. I feel like my life is a series of firsts. I can’t narrow it down to just one. But when I boil them all down, my firsts are always awkward. It is a good moment when I can keep my awkwardness inside deep but usually it slowly seeps out.

My first day of school is always filled with excitement and nervous energy. I have all of my brand new school supplies just ready to go . I have a new backpack and a new lunchbox. I am excited to see what new books I will be reading and what I will be learning. I look forward to seeing my friends(to help take the edge off). In band, I am excited about new music and new shows.

I remember my first day of boot camp. It began way before 0500 hours lol. I remember meeting a few people in the hotel before shipping out and finding out that they would be comrades in basic training. I remember writing letters home to my family telling them some sob story of the day and how much I loved and missed them. I remember the food and the first time I drank 2% milk. I remember the drill sergeants and all of the pushups that I had to do(it was thought that the more pushups a person did, the better they would become at pushups) and let me tell you that, is not true. I think the only way a person can get good at pushups is by having a strong core. So, I had plenty a day where I had to practice wall pushups so that I could kind of look like I knew what I was doing the next time my drill sergeant made me drop and give him fifty.

I remember the first time I got my heart broken and I realized that I was left with me, myself, and I. That was obviously a hard lesson because I tried to relearn that lesson for years. It is only now that I know that I have to love me first always. I am not so quick to rush into a heartbreak situation because I just don’t have that kind of time or energy.

The first time I ever fell in love with a book, I don’t know if it was the book or language itself. I just remember once I knew how to read, I could not stop. I devoured every book I could get my hands on. I still do, except in doctoral work, it is mostly scholarly articles. Now I just have to translate this passion into writing my papers. I know what I want to say, but saying it the right way(that makes sense) is a whole different story. So I am going to shed some fear and just write anyway.

These are some firsts in my journey, What are some of your firsts?




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