I read a few blogs about solitude. I wanted to generate some ideas to write about. So I decided I would join the bandwagon and write about solitude. Solitude is a solitary pursuit but a person isn’t actually alone. They are with their thoughts, ideas, and breathe. It is important to find time to have solitude in order to find balance and take a step away from the busy-ness of life.

My mind very rarely quiets down, so my times of solitude are actually a necessity for me. Solitude helps me to think clearly. It helps me to work through my worry of the moment(which seem to change depending on the moment). Solitude helps me listen to my inner most thoughts when I seem to not know what step to take next.

I find that running helps me actively pursue solitude. On a run, its just me, my thoughts, and a good soundtrack. It doesn’t seem to matter how long i run, I am always left with a sense of peace and tranquility. Sometimes my thoughts/worries can be louder than the soundtrack that I am setting my run to. At these moments, I am sure my gait seems funny. Usually no one is around to see my gait so I don’t worry about that. I just have these moments where I sense something is off and I have to keep pushing forward.

I find that being in the new season of life that I am in, solitude is more important just to be able to get things completed. Plus, its good just to take time to rest. Resting my brain from the chatter, resting my body from stress, and resting my life from drama are all things that I strive to do each day. It gives me more time to go about the business of being human. Solitude is also a form of meditation for me, just having the time to pay attention to how I am feeling and what my inner self is really feeling is very empowering.

So, now that I am learning more about solitude and how much it helps day to day living, I think I owe it to people to embrace their own solitude. I can listen more, I can pause when engaging with someone. These are simple things that I can do not only to hear someone else but to allow them to have the space to be in their own solitude. Sometimes when I am in a conversation, I can take over a conversation or attempt to have my words be more important than the other person’s and that’s not a good way to have a conversation.

So here’s to more solitude and to genuine conversations.




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