Do You Dare Push The Button?


This is a review of a new book by a button pusher named @Feminista Jones. Her new book is a great read for adventurous fifty shade fans and for those who thought fifty shades missed the mark. If you are looking for a thrilling spark in your library, check it out. Depending on your setting, this could be a quick beach read or something for your monthly girls book club.

I read a wide variety of books and when I heard that Feminista wrote a book, I had to check it out. This book centers around Nicole, a very complex, emotional person who aside from being an accomplished professional. finds herself in a complicated relationship with David. Even though Nicole is not as young as Anastasia, she has many of the same insecurities. Nicole puts David on the highest of pedestals and puts herself lower than dirt(which he confirms). I don’t want to say that I empathize with Nicole but I know what it is like to make a man the true center of your universe(and I am glad that I stopped) and also it makes me understand why so many women are in these types of complicated relationships. when you don’t know better, you don’t do better.

Now my interest is piqued and I would love to read a prequel to the life of Nicole. This is one area where Zane hits it out of the ballpark, when you want back story, you get back story in spades. The back story really makes me identify with characters and the choices not only that they face but the choices that they make and the consequences that come along with them.

This is a twist on Fifty Shades for the ladies who see their Christian Grey as tall, dark, and handsome(i.e. Morris Chestnut). This is also a read for those who like to push buttons and aren’t comfortable with the status quo. This is also for those who take their submission seriously(like to the ends of the earth). I guess at the end of the day, I fall at the tamer end of that spectrum.

In one of many plot twists, Nicole has an encounter with an ex named Marcus. When Nicole encounters Marcus, we find that complicated relationships are not new for Nicole, in fact, they seem to be all that she knows. Marcus also meets David during this interaction and the alpha males collide. Upon further reading, we find that Nicole has more on her plate than deciding what collar she is going to end up wearing that day. The story shifts into a literal tug of war between David and Marcus for the title of who owns Nicole.

Similar to Fifty Shades, other elements of life are brought into the story and we meet some of the familial characters for a holiday get together. It is also during this time that we learn more about how David and Marcus grew up to be who they are. A lot of secrets are alluded to amongst various family members. This adds some lightheartedness into an intriguing situation.

This is a quick read but it makes you want to see what will happen next. So many parts of this story are so true to life(family dynamics, how women play roles and mask their true selves, and how life can just be down right messy sometimes) but the ending takes the cake.

So if you think you can stand the heat, check out Push The Button, a roller coaster of a read, from an amazing new voice in the literary world. But don’t just take my word for it 🙂



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