Letter To A First Year


Congratulations! You have just been accepted to the wildest ride of your life. Make sure your seatbelt is tight, you are in for something you have never experienced before. Here are somethings to keep in mind.
1. No one wants to hear your opinion.  Even when you are asked what you think, no one wants to really know or hear what you think.
2. Keep your head up anyway.
The powers that be who selected you to be in this program did so for a reason. Maybe you will find out when you graduate.
3. Focus on your work.
Use all of your planners and calendars. They will be a good reference point when your days run together. They will also be helpful to keep track of assignments.
4. Get your work done early.
If you have the opportunity,  stay on top of your assignments and turn them in early.
5. Ask for help.
Even if you think a person will not help you, ask anyway. They may have just wanted you to ask first.
6. Try not to take things personally.
Yes, there are people who do not want you to succeed,  do it anyway. If it doesn’t move you forward,  don’t engage.
7. Your life has changed.
You can’t take things for granted. You are in a steep learning curve,  so you have to be prepared for it.
8. Read
Yes,  you have a lot to read. Read it as long as it takes to understand it, then read it again.
9. Write
Yes, you have to write in a new style. Keep writing until you get the hang of it and write some more.
10. Share with your support system.
No they won’t understand you all of the time but they can help you stay strong while you are going through it.
11. Laugh
You have to laugh to stay sane.
12. Cry
Crying is healing.  Let it out(not in class) but in a safe place. Even if its just a bathroom. You are going to cry a lot and for different reasons. That’s okay. If anyone else was in your position,  they would cry too.
13. Stay strong
God has the ultimate plan and purpose for your life. This is just a new step in the journey.
14. Be grateful
This is an opportunity. Things could and have been much worse. This too shall pass. Think about the good and the future.

Just some notes for myself and anyone going through it.


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