When God Makes A Way


     Hey everyone sorry I haven’t posted in awhile. Life got hectic and busy so I put it off. My life is quite the adventure and I had to trust and walk in faith.
     My living situation got worked out. Praise God! A few friends directed me to an apartment locator and some apartments that were just right. Now I have my own spot. I had to be brave and drive a uhaul all by myself,  which was good but next time I hope I can afford movers lol.
     I’m still exhausted from moving now I just have to unpack. Its nice to have my own place. I haven’t lived on my own for a few years. Each day gets better.
     My doctoral program started and its amazing, awesome, and scary all at the same time. I’m learning a lot everyday. I also started a new on campus gig which is nice. I’m just reading and working on stuff. My professors are awesome.
     Well, I’m going to try to sleep.  Nice run in the morning.  Thank you for all of your prayers and support!


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