Sorry I haven’t written in awhile. Every day something wild has happened and I have intended to write but I was too tired. This semester wraps up this week. I cannot wait. I am just finishing up some assignments.

     Last week I went to the ER because I was having chest pain and it was determined to be costochondritis. I wasn’t going to go to the doctor but every site I googled told me that I had to get it checked out. Because apparently no one takes chest pain lightly. I was really happy to know that my heart was fine. Which is a fancy word for rib inflammation. I think it is due to gluten but it won’t be until I have grocery money to actually see if that is true. When I am low on funds and or food, I find that I eat what is available to me. So I have been eating a lot of bread and junk.

     The only good thing is, is that I have not stopped running. Running is such a life saver. I may enter the Runner’s World cover contest just to write about how awesome I think running is(not that I have a cover body yet).

     I have to find a new place to live by September first. Which would be super cool if I had money but at the moment,I have to wait. I am so nervous,scared,fearful and insert any other word that means freaked out. A friend said to give myself ten minutes a day to freak out and then move on. But I am finding that I have these moments where I find time to just freak out.

     SP is still SP. He called me last week which was nice. It was so great to hear his voice. I still waffle in if we will actually go the distance but today I decided to stop complaining about him and just email him. Its funny how that works. He is so calm that he never tells me how much I get on his nerves or even what it is that I do that gets on his nerves.

     The other day I read this report that mentioned how OkCupid just kind of skewed people’s match numbers and it so made me think of SP because our numbers were at 89 and then after time apart it was 94. But in all reality we really don’t have much in common. The only thing we have is common is that we are human and we both like chocolate. Yes, I know not his problem only mine. But here’s my question. Would you really want to be in a relationship with someone knowing that you were both only together because you were settling for each other. Is that what happily ever after is like?

     So basically my days are filled with real and imagined dramas created by yours truly and then when I have these moments where I can stop, I think everything is blissful. Wait for it, and then it happens again. So here’s to moments of bliss. I hope to have a time when I can flesh out these blog posts, so that they do make a tad more sense.




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