So many thoughts and emotions are running through me. I only have a few weeks left of internship and class. I got a letter from SP. I started a new job.
       I just have to finish a few assignments. I’m excited and nervous at the same time. Everything seems to be happening at once.
      SP’s letter was short and sweet. Not sure what I was expecting. I wrote him back. It came at the right time.
     My new job, as much as I need it is truly soul sucking. It’s like I have entered the twilight zone. I just kept raising my eyebrows I thought they were going to get stuck. Let’s just say, what we were taught in training is not what is happening on the job. So now I’m just sad. Hopefully God answers my prayer and I get a better job soon.
     There’s too much that went on for me to list it all. I know people say, oh just report xyz, its anonymous but I promise you it never is. I think I will journal my experiences and report them when I get away.
Say a prayer for all neglected and abused children


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