When Words Fail


     So, its the middle of the week. Wednesday’s are probably the worst days of the week for me. My brain and my body rarely work together on Wednesdays.
     Things are still going well with SP. He’s a bright spot in my day. He’s very encouraging and always says something to make me laugh. We all need good people in our lives to help balance out the other stuff.
     Yesterday I got into a discussion with some uber feminists and I realized that its okay to have a spectrum of feminism and that I can’t please everyone,  so I deleted them. I was tempted to delete Facebook entirely and then I realized why should I let people who don’t like me and don’t know me ruin my social media experience. Nope, not today. I’m okay with not being everyone’s cup of tea, as long as I can be my own cup.
     When words fail me, I can just accept it and be quiet instead of repeating the same circle of words. More prayer, less reaction.


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