Wacky Weekend


     I had an interesting weekend filled with dancing and energy drinks(just sips). I am so tired. I’ve been praying and thinking a lot about faith.
     The Bible speaks about having faith the size of a mustard seed. I wonder if building faith is like exercise. Is it something we have to keep working at or do some people just have more faith than others.
     I missed my bus this morning by a minute and my first thought wasn’t yay, it was fu! How can you have serenity one minute and have it vanish the next? Is it possible to have never had it?
I have so many little mole hills in my life right now that I’m attempting to turn into mountains. Its a knack I have.
     I also just realized that things seem to turn out quite differently when I keep my mouth shut. Considering I don’t have all of the answers,  its probably better that way. Now if I can just keep this streak going.
     A guy at the club told me that I was perfect. Since I was sober I didn’t believe him. He said something about just accepting it. He gave me a hug and walked away. I guess its funny how we think people are perfect until we get to know them.
     That’s what I think about when I think of SP. I think that he doesn’t know me and I don’t know why he would like me. But he keeps pressing on and he shows me that its okay to just be. So in the midst of my molehills, I want to just be.


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  1. Take the verse about faith the size of a mustard seed to heart, and move your mountains that you’ve been making out of mole hills. If someone tells you that you are perfect, change how you interpret those words to accept it as a compliment. If it was after talking to you for a little while, he probably meant the conversation has been great. Or maybe he was having a bad day and you turned it around for him in the most perfect way. My mother made a million mistakes, but she’s still perfect. So find a way to accept the sentiment and emotion of the word, not the dictionary’s definition. Perception is reality, remember =)

    Faith requires different amounts of effort from different people. When you miss the bus and run into someone you wouldn’t have otherwise seen that day, or read something that brightens your day while waiting for the next bus, or wind up late for a class and find yourself sitting somewhere different where you meet a new friend, do you connect the dots and think to yourself how great it is that you missed the bus? Do you even keep your eyes open for those opportunities, or do you let them pass you by?

    Look at the many missteps and negative things that happened to you that were required for things to turn out how they have with SP. You probably don’t even remember all of those little things any more, but they seemed really important to you as they were happening, and you were pretty frustrated at times. So, would you trade avoiding all of those things that frustrated you if it meant things turned out differently with SP and everything else? If you wouldn’t change a thing, then just remember that next time some little thing happens. Being able to accept things are happening for a reason, even if you cannot see that reason yet, is a big part of what faith is.


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