I made it to Friday. I’m happy about that. I’m looking forward to some rest this weekend. I have some school stuff to work on. I’m sure I will feel better after it is done.
     Things are going good with SP but I still think that he picks and chooses what to respond to. It’s annoying. At the same time I can probably be annoying so maybe we are even. I still don’t think he knows my birthday(which is next week).
     He sent me a picture of a pool. Yes the pool was nice but he wasn’t in it lol. Then he asked me to send him a picture of me in my swimsuit. I always hate when people ask me for pictures. I went through a phase where I just sent people pictures just because.  So now I feel like you should feel lucky if you get a picture from me. I sent him a picture(its tame, I learned my lesson the hard way so I only send pics I would be okay with on the cover of a newspaper). Its just ironic since I’m not going swimming anytime soon.
     I’m just bummed because I am super broke and I hate it. So even though that’s the source of my anxiety,  I focus on other stuff. I hope something works out.
     A few friends were talking about how we are working out and getting in shape. I mentioned to a friend that I didn’t think she needed to lose weight and she said she wanted to get toned. I replied that I wanted to do the same. I think getting toned is the go to an answer for people who want to lose weight and look better. Because the only way to get toned is to work out and eat less. So this week I have actually been counting my calories. I have to workout harder to actually see a change.
     I do realize this post is all over the place. I have had a wacky week. How do you handle down times? How do you stay motivated to workout?


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