Focus On Awesome


     This weekend was great! It was filled with fun, laughter, and friends. I haven’t had that much fun in awhile. Last weekend was great too. One for the record books.
     On Friday I went to an art and music show. I met the bands and some talented artists. I met a big group of cyclists. They invited me to hang out. One of the guys said that we graduated together but I didn’t remember him. It was a fun time in the city.
     The next day the guy invited me to a bike event that was a lot of fun. They had great food and refreshments. I chatted up some of the vendors. After a bit I left to rest.
     SP emailed me about the evening. I told him I would let him know. Well, the night was spectacular. I went to my first drag show. It was a blast supporting my fabulous friends.
    Afterwards we went to a great club. We danced the night away. A bi guy made out with my cheek while his boyfriend watched lol. Good times we had by all.
    So here’s to adventure šŸ™‚


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