50 Ways/Whys/Hows To Pray


Yesterday I got into a discussion about prayer and worry. My friend mentioned it was like 50 shades. You cannot pray and worry at the same time. I had said I called it a cushion prayer. I think anxious people are able to do it easily.  The issue would just be is it effective prayer.
I said that it was prayer wrapped in the bondage of fear.  I think if you are wrapped up in fear long enough it starts to feel comfortable. My friend clarified that she did not mean to reference the book but anytime I hear 50 shades, I only think about the book(my issue).
    So here are 50 moments when I need to pray, how to pray, and why I pray.
1. To thank God
2. To show concern for others
3. When I’m scared
4. When I’m worried
5. When I’m sad
6. When I’m confused
7. When I’m happy
8. When I’m hungry
9. When I’m tired
10. I pray the serenity prayer
11. I pray the our father
12. I pray the third step prayer
13. When I wake up
14. Before I go to sleep
15. Before I eat
16. Before a test
17. To talk to God
18. To ask for forgiveness
19. When I’m wrong
20. When I’m hurt
21. A rote prayer from memory because I feel weird reading a prayer with my eyes open
22. When I’m angry
23. Before I speak
24. Alone
25. With others
26. The Psalms
27. God’s promises
28. For my friends and family
29. When I’m anxious
30. Before I make a big decision
31. When I need wisdom
32. The prayers of the saints
33. For peace
34. To get through the day
35. The names of God
36. To bind insecurities
37. My life verse
38. So that God is first and I am second
39. Before a trip
40. For healing
41. For misunderstanding
42. For the poor
43. For the future
44. To guide me on the journey
45. For purpose
46. To draw closer to God
47. So that the Holy Spirit can pick up where my groaning leaves off
48. To grow in faith
49. For the world
50. So that I know the way to go
Why do you pray? It also serves as a great comfort.


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