Looking On The Bright Side


     This weekend was one for the record books. It was just one fun filled moment after the other. Nothing like great friends to spread joy around.
     I went to some awesome new meetings and heard just what I needed to hear. It is always neat to see how God works in our lives. It is always nice to just have fun living and learning.
     I went to an outside art show which was amazing. I went club hopping and danced until I couldn’t dance anymore. I mean until my friends got tired. I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time.
     Church was great. The sermon was about not worrying about anything. Even though I have been a worrier sense I can remember,  I’m going to give it a shot. A friend said that worrying is giving precious time away to something that may not even happen. Its like pre planning on a disaster and it strips away joy and happiness.
     I have an interview tomorrow and I’m nervous. I hope it goes well. God knows what I need even before I do. I’m going to trust that he will work it out.
     I woke up in a really good mood. I believe it will sustain me throughout the day. I have a choice in my attitude and I choose to look on the bright side.
Things are already looking up.
So here’s to happiness!


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