When I Take My Hands Off


     I just decided to breathe and embrace what was ahead of me. Its scary at times but when I have faith, things seem to work out. When I stop trying to run the show, the show goes much better.
I heard from SP. He’s such a saint to put up with my moods. So he is holding up pretty well. I’m glad I wasn’t a total jerk to him over nothing. Sometimes people have different perspectives on your life and the thing is you still have to live it. Just because someone doesn’t understand it, doesn’t mean you have to change.
So I can breathe a little easier and just enjoy the little things. I choose to accept happiness. Even when I don’t feel it or understand a moment. I’m human. I’m an over analyzer and an over catastrophizer. I choose to let someone show me kindness. I choose to show the same.
God is good. He loves me despite of myself. He loves me through my insecurities.


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