Keep Breathing


     The Word says that God never gives us more than we can handle. I know that, I just have to put it into action. I guess that is where praying without ceasing comes in.
     I started finger detangling my hair. So I left some hair laying around and some people found it. I laughed it off and said I did it as a test to see if the room would be cleaned.  Yes, I picked it up and put it in the trash. I didn’t realize how easily my hair tangles. This is a habit I hope to break. In my defense I’m stressed out.
     People have been talking to me here and there about perception. I have heard that people see their perception as reality.  I need to read up on it. If you view your perception as reality and it is false, what are you left with? How do you change perception?
     I had a few conversations with SP this morning that were really great. I had told him that I was going to have a good day today. I wamted to. I attempted to. But in the end I was drained all the same.
     I guess right now my focus is on dinner. I am debating whether or not to go for a run. Should you run when you are tired? Maybe I should atleast go for a few miles. Maybe I will feel better after dinner.
     Oh well, there have got to be better days ahead.


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  1. When people talk about perception is reality, it’s that we can only react to what we perceive (our senses). It is not at all lying to yourself to think reality is different than it is. It only works when you believe the perception is true. You can absolutely use other techniques to convince yourself of something you want to believe, even blatant falsehoods, but it’s two different concepts.

    Have you ever misheard something and responded based on what you heard instead of what was said? That’s an example. Armed with that knowledge and understanding, you can realize you are fully capable of controlling your reactions by controlling how you perceive things.

    So let’s say someone comes up to you and in a cheerful tone says “I like your shirt” while you’re out, but it’s a worn out shirt with holes and stains, and you’re only wearing it because your other clothes are dirty. Sure, the person could be rude and insulting you. Or they could be trying to flirt with you, or they might find you interesting in that you have the confidence to go out in public without worrying over every tiny detail of your appearance. So if you respond with “you didn’t know it’s ugly shirt day?” you’ll totally win people over since they’ll see you have an attractive take on the situation. But if you respond “yea, all my shirts are dirty” it kind of suggests you’re boring, but at least you go with the flow. Or you could say “gee, thanks” in a sarcastic tone, and instantly repel the guy flirting with you in that situation. So your perception determines your response, and your response changes the perception of others, so you indirectly control how they react, and play a major role in what actually happens next. You impacted reality with your perception.

    The concept is why I wear funny shirts if I want to flirt with random strangers. Girls will come up and say they like the shirt, and then I know they noticed me and find me at least mildly interesting. Which is enough to talk with confidence. And talking with confidence definitely changes reality when flirting with women. Random guys also come up to me and comment, which doesn’t lead to dates, but compliments are still nice.

    Or there’s the classic young boy punching a young girl. Does the girl perceive it as the boy liking her or hating her? One perception leads to a new friend, the other often leads to a little girl crying.

    There are definitely more impressive examples, but usually it’s harder to believe you can really impact the situation when it’s not an everyday example you can picture actually happening. As you get used to thinking that way, you kind of reflect on what you did a lot, and think how you could have reacted differently. Then you start reacting differently, and being extremely glad you had the reaction you did. Eventually, you also plan things to elicit the reality you want (like me wearing a funny shirt).


  2. In the military they talked a great deal about perception and reality. I was told that perception is what you allow people to see and what you see in others. Reality is what you hold behind close doors. I compare it to reality television. People perceive those characters as one way, but one can only know so much in an hour span time off of a show that is deliberately twisted to make them appear a certain way. I know that’s a bad example, but…


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