Being In The Present


     One of the things that we try to do is stay focused on the present moment. Not focusing on the past(because we can’t change it) and not focusing on the future(because it hasn’t happened yet). I’m in a weird conundrum where I attempt to be okay with the present but I am really future focused. Thankfully I have time to work on it. We all have the present to begin working on things.

      I worked on some grounding and breathing today. It really helped. I am going to have to do more of it. I do a lot of shallow breathing. Deep breathing feels better. Maybe shallow breathing is easier. I also decided to stay in my yoga poses longer(still working on it). I have had so much on my mind.

     I love how everyone is counting down the summer for me. I am enough of an overplanner to know about the number of weeks I have. I know that I should be happier about it but because I have so much on my mind, it still lingers in the back of my head. Probably due to my not being able to predict the future.

     SP is doing great. This week it will be one month since we have decided to give it another go. I miss him a lot. I was thinking about our first date(I think I mentioned this yesterday). So I am going to share some happy memories with him. I try to do my best not to embarrass him too bad but sometimes I just can’t help it.

     I am officially finishing up OITNB today(whoo). I hated the book but I love the show. It is a million times better than the book. I guess because I hated the book, I also hate Piper. I am not sharing any spoilers. I just really think the show is genius. In other news, I wish I could figure out how to unfollow people on Twitter in one fell swoop for free.

     Well, I have to get back to this finale lol




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