What A Week


Last week was filled with a lot of changes. I had so many moments where I wanted to blog but I could only manage to email SP. He offered me a lot of support and encouragement. So I thought about blogging everyday but I was too exhausted.
My summer semester has officially begun. You would think I would be excited about ten weeks of fun but I am freaking out. I’m not sure why. Just general freaking out.
I moved in with my new roommate and it is quite the change in scene but it is so peaceful. She has two cats which are nice. There are a ton of cats in the neighborhood. Its like Cat Street lol. I also started internship everyday which is a tad exhausting.
I managed to start running again. I am really close to an awesome spot and it makes it such a joy to run. Then my favorite show came on Netflix so now I am slowly binging it and thinking about all of its meaning. I had some possible job leads that I followed up on. I hope to hear something soon.
This week will make it one month that SP has been gone. I don’t think I have missed him more than last week. It was pretty funny how to think of how to tell someone how much you miss them in a like way(since we are still in the like phase). I guess right now its like super like. Its like with emphasis. He is still doing well. I am happy for that.
Yesterday I went to a community conference where I had the opportunity to meet some members of city council. It was a really informative event. I guess it was open to the community but I thought it would have been cool if it had actually been tons of members of the community having a conversation about community needs.
I look forward to getting more sleep this week. I had to learn some hard lessons this past week which I hope to continue to learn from and apply in the new week.


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