Today I woke up early to run errands. I had an appointment at school. I applied for a few jobs. I met up with a classmate. It was great until I had to spend an outrageous amount of money for a paperback textbook. Ouch. I may have let a few curse words fly at the register. 

     I made it to the post office when I realized I didn’t have a document I needed so I had to walk twenty-five minutes home in the heat. I survived. I got some sad news that one of the students I was scheduled to meet in the fall had been killed in a car accident. I am praying for her family and friends. 

     I met up with my new roommate. She is so cool and I got to meet one of her cats. So adorable and forgiving after I stepped on his paw(ouch and oops). I felt bad. He forgave me and that was sweet. This is all happening and I am very excited. I hope that I am able to get a job soon because that will help a lot with everything. 

    I heard from SP. Of course he is out saving the world and being awesome. I am so tired. I walked six miles today. So I am going to email SP and hit the hay. Here’s to getting sleep for tomorrow. 




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