Interesting Day




     Today I woke up feeling terrible. Just tired and achy all over. So I did my best to rest. I woke up to the news of Maya Angelou’s passing and it was sad to hear. She has had such an influence on my life and countless others. She will not be forgotten. I managed to get some packing done. I have been procrastinating so I was happy to at least get started. There is light at the end of the tunnel. 

     I didn’t hear from SP today. I am sure he must be busy saving the world and everything. I love reading blogs(new ones, old ones, in between ones). I think it is so neat to hear about peoples’ adventures and lives. I also enjoy seeing what people pin. Pinterest is so much fun. At first I didn’t realize why people enjoyed it so much. Now, I can’t stay away from it. 

     I hope that tomorrow is a better day. I have a lot of errands to run. I chatted with an old party friend who was pretty clueless about what I have been up to. She couldn’t understand why I had made some of the choices I had made and she asked a lot of questions about SP. I told her that I was happy and that I was doing well. The reason why I don’t have tons of pics of SP everywhere is because we really haven’t taken a lot of pictures together. Plus I don’t think the world has stopped spinning because I don’t have pictures everywhere. Now maybe I will sing a different tune once we take more pics. 



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