Today was an interesting day. It rained last night and it rained for a huge part of the day. So I had to pick and choose my moving times. I did a good job until I got drenched(with an umbrella) on my third trip. I wasn’t upset about it, I just laughed. I used it as my cue to take a break and eat lunch. Later a friend helped me turn what would have taken hours into ten minutes. What a difference a car makes. I was so thankful. So with a few more trips, I should be all set. 

     I woke up to an email from SP that really put my mind at ease. I do this thing where I jump to conclusions and basically make up stuff that hasn’t happened and act as if they have happened. The awesome thing is, he is patient and he doesn’t get upset about it. It was a really nice exchange and it only made me even happier about where we are headed. I am so thankful and grateful that we were brought back together. Ok that is an understatement. I am beyond blessed to have him in my life. 

     I ate a lot of food today and the weird thing is my stomach acts like I haven’t eaten at all. I thought that huge bowl of oatmeal this morning would tide me over for awhile(nope wrong) but I will definitely have it again tomorrow. Yeah, sometimes when I make really good food, I think about the next time I will eat it. That may seem weird. I like food. 

     I am worn out(probably from all of the moving) so I am going to quickly email SP and then hit the hay. I hope you all had a wonderful day. Tomorrow night I am going to be participating in a podcast. This should be interesting. 





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