• First reading
    • Acts 17:22-31
  • Psalm
    • Psalm 66:8-20
  • Second reading
    • 1 Peter 3:13-22
  • Gospel
    • John 14:15-21

     This weeks readings speak of Christ at God’s right hand and the gift we have been given in the Holy Spirit. The reading in John mentions the Holy Spirit and how the world isn’t looking for the Holy Spirit. I wonder if we sometimes take the Holy Spirit for granted. This makes me mindful of all of the great gifts that God gives and how I can’t take any of it as not a big deal. If it weren’t for the Holy Spirit getting me through so many situations in my life, I would not have the testimony that I cling to. 

    Today I felt really productive because I was able to get a lot of stuff moved before the rain moved in. On my last trip, the rain started to come down and I took that as my cue to pick it back up tomorrow. Some of the neighbors thought that I was moving today. I let them know that I was still getting stuff ready for the move. I also counted these trips as my workout for the day. 

     I also managed to do my nails and toes(I like to try and do them once a week unless I am feeling super lazy). I looked up some beauty youtube videos and found out that I don’t put on nearly enough mascara lol. I have enough of it, so I think I can put a few more coats on(to get my desired look). I am also proud of myself because I did not whine about anything today. 

    I went to breakfast with my world traveling friend and she gifted me with cool earrings from Columbia and sweet treats from Japan(they were to die for). We had a fun adventure around the city just laughing and catching up. I didn’t tell her but I think she is my spirit animal. If you think I am positive all the time, she is 10x more positive than I am. She is such a sweet spirit. 

     Today I just did my best to be grateful for the little things. I heated up some leftovers and added some cornbread(it was delicious). Maybe delicious is an understatement. Then I wondered if the food I make is good because I made it or because I was hungry. Well, either way, it was really good. 

      Other than that, I am taking it easy. I am going to write SP a few letters and send him an email. It is Memorial Day weekend so hug or high five a hero 🙂



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