Funky Friday


“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” Phil 4:13

     Today was just a weird day. I really went through it today(internally). There is something about the N word that just boggles my mind. I am convinced it is the worst insult. Because so many different nationalities can just rattle it off like its okay. Due to the word not just being imprinted on our brain, I don’t give anyone a pass for using it. 

    So, I guess due to my feelings related to my day, I had french fries and ice cream(for lunch/dinner). I caught up with some friends. I worked out. Pretty much my usual Friday night. I watched some junk tv. I read a couple of magazines. Now I am just winding down listening to some of my favorite country songs. 

     I heard from SP this morning. I always get a big smile on the inside when I hear from him. I know it probably doesn’t make any sense why I would be happy about someone that I just reconnected with a week ago, but I am happy. He didn’t forget our initial time together and I think that is pretty nice of him. I’m just excited about wherever the road leads us. 

     In other news, exes and wannabe exes are coming out of the wood work. Not sure why, I haven’t really said anything outside of the blog. But I am quickly cutting them to the chase(by being as brief as possible). Like, the same way people don’t contact me because I am not on their mind, I have not been in contact with/deleted them because they aren’t on my mind. Its kind of funny that people would think I was holding out a torch for something that didn’t work. 

     I am excited about meeting up with a fun friend for breakfast tomorrow. I love breakfast and catching up with great friends is always nice. The funny thing is she invited me to a protest and this is how you know I’m getting old. I told her that I would love to go but I can’t risk getting arrested. She was like “We have the right to assemble” and I told her “Yes we do, but it doesn’t take much for brown people to get arrested”. 

    So tomorrow the plan is to continue moving stuff and getting bags somewhat assembled. Just one more thing to cross off of the list. I had an aha moment with my hair tonight. I looked up some hair videos(yeah I am one of those people) and what do you know. My hair is just a big sponge that loves moisture. So I treated it to a nice session of conditioner and oil(we shall see what happens tomorrow). The awesome thing about it was I didn’t shed as much and it really was a breeze to comb. The only weird thing is my hair is super soft(which I tend to totally ignore), so I have to work on treating it a little nicer lol. 

     Well I am off to write SP. I think he is doing this thing where he responds to one email thread. But I still send him a new email because that works better for my brain lol. One of my friends had asked me how things were going with him and all I could say was good. Because it truly is good. I mean I think it would be a huge mistake to have out of this world expectations thousands of miles away. So I am going with the flow. Also, the communication is flowing well so far. So, how can I be upset with that. I can’t. 

     Thank you so much for continuing to check out my ramblings(I know I make sense sometimes). It really means a lot. I still have no idea how the boyfriend post is so popular. But I won’t complain. I hope it does help people. Because Lord knows I have made so many mistakes as a single person. Like if dating was a set of dominoes, I just shook the whole set and then threw them against a wall and the dominoes just flew all over the place. That’s probably a good representation of my dating experiences.

     Now it just looks like a peaceful lake. Two people in a nice boat just taking a nice ride on the lake. For a person like me, that is awesome. Its amazing and grace filled. So I just take in every moment like a ray of sunshine and I let it soak in. It also helps me to see that I am enough in a relationship and that I can actually be in one. Because for so long I thought something was wrong with me. That there was no way that I could really have a relationship. Thankfully life is showing me much different. 




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