Count It All Joy


“Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds” James 1:2

     Today this verse was in my evening devotional. It is so true and beneficial. It sure is hard to see sometimes. This morning I had great ideas and plans for packing and putting things away. Well, my body had other plans. I just really could not get it together. So I took it easy and did a little bit at a time. I managed to do laundry and make my bed seem live-able. I was sure that I was going to take a nap and that didn’t happen. 

     I popped some cookies in the oven and that made the house smell great. Everyone was all smiles. Oh the fun of baking yummy treats. I miss that. When I was a kid, my Mom always baked cakes and cookies. Especially during the holidays. I can’t say I will ever be as good of a cook as her because she didn’t pass on her secrets to me. But I do my best. 

     I went for a nice run. The breeze made it all worth it. I talked to a few neighbors. Everyone seemed to be taking it easy. I didn’t hear from SP. I wasn’t upset. I know that he needs to get settled in. Also I just kept saying to myself that we were apart for two months without contact and I managed, so I can definitely handle a few days. 

     Well, I am off to send an email and try and get some sleep. I am tired also because I spent a huge chunk of time trying to get the blog organized and finally found the solution I needed(yay). So I hope it is even easier for people to navigate. 




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