A Nice Day


     Today the weather was just perfect. I managed to get in gear and go for a nice long run. The only annoying thing was a few creepers who I did my best to ignore. I think one of the reasons why I enjoy running is because when I decide to go for a walk, my calves hurt. But when I run, I don’t feel anything. 

     Today was the church picnic and I ate too many cakes(who can pass up homemade bread pudding?). I was so wiped out, I could have went to sleep right there at the table. The breeze was so nice. It just called for a nap(which I did not take). 

     I am taking it easy watching The Notebook and hearing things I had not heard the first fifty or so times I managed to watch it. The lines in this movie are classic and emotional. I had forgotten about the part where her Mom gives her the letters. 

     Well, its off to finish this movie and then dreamland. 




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