Where Did The Day Go?


Acts 7:55-60

Psalm 31:1-5,15-16

1 Peter 2:2-10

John 14:1-14

     In today’s scripture reading, I read about Stephen’s experience and his stoning. I haven’t read this scripture in a long time. What an amazing vision, to look into Heaven and see Jesus on the throne. It immediately made me wonder if the reason why we medicate people with certain diagnoses has something to do with the reaction that the people had to what Stephen revealed. The Scripture also spoke about how Jesus will never leave us and thus we have nothing to fear. Knowing it and putting it into action is what helps build our faith. 

     SP deployed this morning. I am really happy and excited for him. I’ve been thinking of all of the things I will need to do between now and then. I applied for some jobs. I updated my resume and cover letter. I’m thinking of different things to help with the process. Also ideas of things for us to talk about. I’ve been praying. 

     I caught up with a great friend and got to see her new church(it looks so cool). I am so excited for the ways that God is blessing my friends. I know that I am blessed as well, I just think some of my blessings are coming in small doses. Even though I know that I have nothing to fear, I still feel fear knocking at the door. 

     I have so many things that I want to blog about but not enough hours in the day. I ended the semester with all A’s and it made me wonder if our professors were just giving out A’s like Halloween candy. I mean I know that I worked hard but Internship(the course) was kind of tough. 

     I decided to detangle my hair and watch some movies. The hours just flew by and I still have to watch the movies. That’s what the Internet does, it just takes the day away. I hope this makes some sense. If not, hopefully my next blog post will. I haven’t been feeling too good so I haven’t worked out that much. Hopefully that turns around this weekend. I am going to write SP an email and a letter(he is really looking forward to snail mail). 

     Thank you for all of your encouragement and support. Prayer and more prayer is always needed. 





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