Reflections On Mother’s Day


     Since my Mother is gone from this Earth, I spend Mother’s Day celebrating all of the mothers that I know. If I had a dollar for every time someone said Happy Mother’s Day to me, I would have a nice sum of money in the bank. When I think about my mother, I think about all kinds of memories(good, bad, happy, sad). Its just a bundle of emotions. 

     The thing about losing a mother is that it hurts no matter how bad the relationship was with your mother. The worst times spring up and cause pain, guilt, and shame. So I am just taking it easy, letting the emotions and feelings roll like the tide. I’m not drowning in them at the moment, more like bobbing on top of the water waiting for the next wave. 

     For the most part I feel that my Mom is looking down on us and is enjoying a great life with great people and love in Heaven. I went to brunch with myself to honor my Mom. It was very nice. I managed to eat a little gelato later in the day. I even shared my treats. My Mom was a snack queen, so I think it may be in my genes. 

     I was just thinking that my ex is going to have to have a new nickname on here. How about Sgt. Pepper! That sounds hilarious. Well, Sgt. Pepper made it to town today and surprise, managed to text me and said that he wants to meet up. So I hope that does happen. I know, I have been told to take it slow, make sure he is a friend, and let him take the lead. So far so good. 

     I hope that you are all having a great day and wish you all the happiness and blessings that you can stand 🙂





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