Reflections On Pomp And Circumstance


     I had planned on writing this post last night but I was too excited. Tonight, I am still too excited. The only difference is that I am determined to write it. For a long time I did not look forward to graduation(I know it sounds weird). It wasn’t until my sponsor told me that it was an honor and seeing my friends get excited about it, that my feelings started to change. 

     Today’s graduation thank yous go to God for allowing me to go through all of the things that I have had to go through in order to be in the place I am to graduate. Thank you to my friends and family who supported me even though they thought I was crazy. It is the support that counts. I cannot begin to explain how much encouragement and support mean to me and how it actually affects people. It helps me feel like I can do pretty much anything. 

     Thank you to the people who didn’t believe in me ever and had the guts to tell me to my face. If it would not have been for your sheer doubt and unbelief in me, I may not have pushed as hard as I could for everything that I have achieved in order to be a happier, well rounded person. Without you, my inner strength would not have to exert itself in order to grow. 

     Thank you to my university and all of the awesome professors that I have had, interacted with, or just admired from across the quad. Thank you for being such shining examples of what it means to be a great person. Thank you for showing me that my voice matters and my ideas have value. Thank you for allowing me to be at the table of learning. 

     Another super cool thing about today(besides awesome family and friend time) was seeing my friends in recovery be celebrated. I could just see the joy in everyone’s faces and it made me smile so hard. I smiled from the inside out. 

Priceless moments of life




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