I Hope You Find What You’re Looking For


     Today has been an interesting day. My allergies decided to flare up. I’m ready for a nap.
     I cleaned up my online dating profiles because I realized people were not reading them. I thought it would simplify things a bit. Then I found out that it didn’t.  I told the ex that he wasn’t going to change(most people don’t) and since we are really looking for different things, its best that we stop while we are ahead. 
     I also found myself telling a few people that I hope they find what they are looking for. I think it’s easier than trying to force something artificial. Dating is hard enough as it is. 
     I’m really excited about the women’s conference at church tomorrow. I always love learning new things. Plus, its always nice to get a new perspective.
     Its May so that means a new Spartan challenge. I like that every exercise involves thirty reps. I plan on adding a yoga sequence to the mix. I may go for a run later.
     I hope that you have a great day. Thanks for reading my little slice of the Internet.


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