Training Day 196


Dec 28, 2010

So, last night a friend told me to use white vinegar for the bugs! I sprayed pretty much everything(hope to get up the courage to attack the kitchen today). Praying that it works. I didn’t see anything this morning(so that was great). The office is supposed to spray tomorrow(fingers crossed) 
I am in a super good mood because I went to the back area of my office and I did 40 pushups(20 reg 20 girl), 40 crunches, and 60 jumping jacks. So, I plan to do this throughout the day(no one comes to the office) and see what happens. 
I plan to start the Bob dvd tonight(last night I went to see a friend in the hospital and then I was so tired, all I could do was spray and then go to sleep). 
Hope that you are all having a great day 🙂 
Remember that we will win in this new year 🙂 


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